Glass Partitions and Screens


Glass partitions are a cost-effective solution to achieving natural light and keeping the open plan office look you desire. Many customers use the glass partitions to separate an office or to create a meeting room due to the ability of adding privacy and blocking sound.

The separation created by glass partitions enables quieter working zones without obstructing easy communication or losing the atmosphere of an open plan office. It is also a more cost-effective solution to a normal wall, this is because it decreases the amount you would need to use artificial light due to the natural light shining through, whilst keeping heat in like a standard wall would. One of the benefits of having a glass screen built into an office is regardless of the dimensions of the room a glass screen allows for a room to look light and warm, unlike a standard wall which can make a room look dark, claustrophobic and cold.

This type of glass system give a more modern and cleaner look then a standard wall as well as offering a more expensive look with hidden cost saving benefits. An option we offer is the glass partition with an ‘open door’ look, as well as offering a glass sliding door or a glass door that opens inwards and outwards, both of which can be kept open when needed or closed when privacy is requires.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Health and Safety

The glass partitions and screens we supply and fit comply with health and safety regulations required when using glass as a separation apparatus. This is because our partitions and screens are made with toughened glass which is heat treated to increase its strength. If the glass were to break it would shatter but stay in place rather then break into large shards of glass shattering out of place.

One of the requirements of a glass partition is to ensure it can be easily seen, as glass is clear and translucent it is not uncommon for it to blend it to a room which is why any glass partition or screen we install will also have DDA Complaint manifestations